Mixelchic partner of Ducati Hypertailored by Rappresèntati: the official video


After the official launch of the Ducati Hypertailored project, dedicated to the customization of fashion lifestyle in racing mood for 2014 (HERE), here's the official video of the project. One commercial, in which there were also the guys of 5W, that mixes fashion and motors to make the idea of fashion racer: men, women, a motorbike and a passion for the strong fashion, good vision ;)

Dopo il lancio ufficiale del progetto Ducati Hypertailored, dedicato alla customizzazione del fashion lifestyle in chiave racing per il 2014 (QUI), ecco il video ufficiale del progetto. Uno spot, in cui hanno partecipato anche i ragazzi di 5W, che mescola moda e motori per rendere l'idea del fashion racer: uomini, donne, una moto e la passione per una moda grintosa, buona visione ;)

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