Mix & match: sweater and heels

Bata 12:08:00

A touch of red & vintage Owl

Alcott 03:07:00

Blogger that I love: Tavi Gevinson

elena palieri 07:10:00

Pitch post: my lovely owl & Mixelchic ring

anello Mixelchic 02:30:00

She comes in colours everywhere

duomo 02:53:00

Pitch post: Christmas gift by Combipel for Mixelchic

christmas 04:52:00

Ghost & Strong

bronx 04:39:00

Inspiration of the day

ankle sneakers 03:16:00

Totally colored teen

Bershka 13:31:00

Grunge in his shoes

elena palieri 09:21:00

Mixelchic 1st ring!

argento 13:09:00

Elena, according to my Gio

elena palieri 13:05:00

My interview for Conbipel Fashion Magazine

blogger 04:25:00

I just love him so

biker boots 14:22:00

Brrrr ... winter is coming!

castelletto di cuggiono 07:02:00

So thoughtful as Simone de Beauvoir

burgundi 04:12:00

New trend back in time

autunno inverno 2012 12:30:00

Havaianas purple boots

elena palieri 14:04:00

Full color street set

fashion 16:03:00

Pitch: full color set - writing and more

elena palieri 07:32:00

So grunge so me, at Milano Skyline

elena palieri 05:54:00

Welcome to my home!

elena palieri 14:39:00

Hope on the wood

colori autunnali 11:58:00

Mixelchic ring is coming with Nove25

elena palieri 04:04:00

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