Short post from paradise

elena palieri 04:52:00

Merry Christmas to everyone!

biglietto auguri natale 03:40:00

Pixar: a fantasy world in Milan

elena palieri 04:22:00

Chevrolet: Make it Happen

chevrolet 02:32:00

New swap page: open to everyone!

elena palieri 03:07:00

Dark style: unconventional style

dark 07:18:00

Unconventional Christmas Wishlist

christmas wihlist 03:07:00 my new experience 04:18:00

My first post so unusual

elena palieri 03:56:00

H&M - Millennium: uomini che odiano le donne

davidh linch 03:46:00

New collection by Coin & OVS industry

business in fashion 02:29:00

Russian fashion in Milano

elena palieri 05:00:00

Collana con nome: new thankful gift

bijoux 10:39:00

We are Terranova: new social project

business in fashion 05:51:00

Easy look & new sunglasses

alexander wang 07:01:00

This must be the place

biker style 06:42:00

I show you my new life

agenzia comunicazione 09:32:00

boots: my favourites for this season

biker boots 06:41:00

Opificio by John Malkovich: grand Opening in Milano

design 05:24:00

Select box: "non esistono ragazzi cattivi"

cardigan 01:53:00

A gift for you

business in fashion 00:44:00

Random stuff from my fashion week

binf 06:09:00

Binf fashion show - English outfit (part 2)

binf 04:55:00

Binf fashion show 2011 (part 1)

binf 08:43:00

Momo Galèn: elegant fashion show in Milano

binf 03:59:00

First Day at Milano Fashion Week

binf 04:24:00

Details of my outfit for this Milano fashion week

elena palieri 13:58:00

Happy to my blog!

birthday blog 03:28:00

End of summer at Arona

arona 12:10:00

First anniversary for my blog!

birthday blog 08:46:00

New babies in my closet

biker boots 02:59:00

My T-shirt: life is a circus!

binf 13:17:00

color block: autumn surprise!

autunno 2011 10:39:00

Me & Renzo Rosso at VFNO: exciting!!!

Diesel 07:14:00

First VFNO: I'm so excited!

Diesel 05:47:00

All crazy for the mood board

elena palieri 10:04:00

Autumn trend (according to me)

anni 40 16:15:00

Golden night

elena palieri 14:22:00


cascata delle marmore 07:33:00

Animalier (again!) in Cannes

cannes 14:54:00

First night in Cannes

cannes 03:04:00

Second day in Cannes

cannes 08:22:00

First day in Cannes

cannes 13:10:00

Yellow in the navy

elena palieri 15:20:00

Guitar & flower dress

campeggio 07:58:00

I'm not gone!

elena palieri 06:39:00

Motorbike tour on sunday (and Giveaway winner)

elena palieri 01:44:00

Easy sunday & new tattoo

elena palieri 01:42:00

Bon Jovi: live in concert Udine 2011

bon jovi 07:46:00

BlackBerry on the road: event with Beppe Severgnini

beppe severgnini 08:45:00

Une petite robe noire

como 01:10:00

Colorised tee: new contest by Polyvore

colorised 07:27:00

Giveaway by Fabiola Fernandes

elena palieri 03:01:00

Surprise! 02:05:00

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