XBox One: the 1st appearance in Milan, with Emis Killa, Skin and the Mixelchic team!

elena palieri 07:31:00

Striped Mango sweater, leather skirt and Mixelchic: that's my comfy mood

Bata 04:33:00

Aggressive femininity

abito fiori 05:58:00

Smells like a teen spirit - camo, beanie and combat boots

camo 02:32:00

Red, white and gold - Rosso bianco e oro

ankle boots 04:53:00

Mixelchic Fashion Night - The start of Mixelchic Adventure

Bershka 05:04:00

Neo Grunge: back to Seattle - Camicia a quadri e beanie

beanie 05:30:00

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