Walking on the street with asimmetric shirt

asimmetric shirt 13:07:00

1st part of shooting: roses top!

elena palieri 15:18:00

Tuiky T-Shirt

elena palieri 14:37:00

Pics of the day: Natalie Shau

elena palieri 01:59:00

Just like a Baby at Toys Center

elena palieri 15:50:00

Buba dress & Violavinca striped heels

buba 12:42:00

Dolci Evasioni: PepsiCo & Kayròs

catering 05:52:00

Preview of new Violavinca heels

calzature 03:16:00

Behind the scenes

elena palieri 14:25:00

Preview of the latest shooting

elena palieri 05:19:00

Leopard & Ghetto Chic

elena palieri 13:26:00

Cloud skirt

elena palieri 12:55:00

Lost & found

binf 03:20:00

Voghera Country Festival

caoboy boots 13:32:00

Preview of the next post: ride cowboy, ride!

country 13:41:00

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