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elena palieri 12:04:00

Violavinca: new obsession of shoes

elena palieri 06:00:00

Select Box: Nick, Alvin e Simon

Alvin 02:44:00

Let's Rock in our new flat!

elena palieri 14:29:00

Mad Girl (inspired by Mad Man, tv series)


I don't want no other way but mine

altra vita 02:35:00

Photoshoot: self portrait

4model 03:57:00

Click: Photo Elena Palieri

4model 01:51:00

Lipton: Stay Cool !

contest 13:23:00

Click: flower pants & tricot

elena palieri 08:29:00

Coin, OVS, Upim: new collection

coin 12:50:00

Click: new in

elena palieri 23:47:00

On "Der Westallgäuer”, German newspaper

elena palieri 06:36:00

6th day in Lindenberg: the hat festival

conny brendle 12:42:00

5th day in Lindenberg: Mainau island & new hat

cappelli 14:47:00

4th day in Lindenberg: hats from the world

cappelli 14:09:00

3st day in Lindenberg: handmade hat!

elena palieri 14:02:00

2nd day in Lindenberg: Hat Museum & Mayser factory

elena palieri 10:58:00

1st day in Lindenberg

1 maggio 14:02:00

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