Wherever the flavor of the road

anello Mixelchic 04:07:00

Big hat and grey pull, like a lady!

Bershka 13:00:00

What about black and white?

black white 04:57:00

My favourite set: writing & street art!

elena palieri 08:01:00

Black thick fur VS pink romantic dress

Bershka 01:59:00

New Reebok ft kaith Haring: so Pop, so cool!

design 08:58:00

Pitch post: Gio is with me on the set!

anello Mixelchic 12:41:00

70's mood with my micropull and my Mango jeans

70's 01:29:00

My red shoes Dr. Martens Inspired

anfibi 13:08:00

Broken, part. 2: pierced by the conventional contest

ballet 04:43:00

My striped pull with Casio Watch for Him

blog 13:22:00

Look of the Week, the special contest for my readers!

contest 14:02:00

Military vintage coat

coat 12:56:00

Freedom & creativity that make my difference

arte 13:37:00

I'm easy like sunday morning

elena palieri 13:06:00

Forever young I wanna be

elena palieri 09:17:00

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