Inside Me - Introspective Shooting: portraits by Elena Pellizzon

elena palieri 04:37:00

Good day to be me

beanie 04:36:00

San Valentino: special wish list with Love Ambush

accessori 04:17:00

Military coat, ankle boots and Charlie Chaplin pants

ankle boots 00:41:00

La vera bellezza

bellezza 06:54:00

Make it up with Parka

elena palieri 05:09:00

Black, white and Love Ambush at the Orta's lake

Agguato d'Amore 05:31:00

Wearing Harley Davidson shirt and Dainese gloves: I free my biker spirit with the legendary custom brand from Milwaukee

automotive 14:15:00

Los Angeles celebrates 40 years of Wrap Dress by Diane Von Fürstenberg

Diane Von Fürstenberg 02:07:00

Instapost - Mixelchic on instagram and flipagram: selfie, home and Pitti experience

2W2M 14:11:00

Love Ambush feat. Mixelchic - Web Campaign 2014 part.3 Terry Richardson inspired

Agguato d'Amore 04:31:00

Lately - red pull and leather pants

elena palieri 12:58:00

1st outfit with Love Ambush collar: Love Ambush feat. Mixelchic - Elegance & sensuality campaign 2014

Agguato d'Amore 05:10:00

Love Ambush feat Mixelchic: elegance & sensuality - web campaign 2014

Agguato d'Amore 13:31:00

Calzedonia lace tights: outfit and best friends for my New Year's Eve

2013 05:15:00

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