Where the desert meet the sky: lace and breathless in Sirmione

fashion blog 13:09:00

Pitch post: what I want

elena palieri 01:26:00

Pepsi: Tutta l'emozione di un attimo (Live for Now!)

conservatorio milano 07:30:00

Street style: the new contemporary mood

chanel 05:55:00

Picth post: Lady Like in pastel color

elena palieri 05:01:00

Items inspirations for next summer

color 05:35:00

My favourite outfits and items

elena palieri 05:28:00

Best details: skirt, shoes, jewellery and more items

Bershka 05:31:00

Pitch post: La Mia Me

ciondoli 05:33:00

Tally Weijl: that's a surprise!

elena palieri 14:22:00

I wanna be "Lady Like"

clarins 02:42:00

Hello, now I'm also on Flickr

elena palieri 08:00:00

Art and fashion, what Brera means to me

Bershka 03:21:00

Back for good, today it's so 70's !

70's 11:19:00

Wide open spaces - white and skirt

elena palieri 10:28:00

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