New In: biker & country boots

biker boots 11:45:00


elena palieri 06:35:00

Gilles et Dada: feel without sense

arte 04:52:00

Biker boots, dress & bombetta

biker boots 13:20:00

Outfit of the day: studs & feathers

elena palieri 12:17:00

Preview with new mix

elena palieri 13:45:00

The iron bag

elena palieri 04:33:00

Lovely pics

chiara ferragni 07:45:00

My favourite videos

blackberry 02:13:00

Jeffrey Campbell: Wanted Used!

elena palieri 04:52:00

On a snowy day...

elena palieri 06:44:00

Old best winter outfit

elena palieri 10:14:00

Remember when...

alan jackson 07:11:00

New mood: unusual mix & chic

business in fashion 06:17:00

More ink for me...

elena palieri 14:51:00

My 2011 was...

2011 13:42:00

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